The Only Bridge

I just spent the afternoon in Metaline Falls at the historic Cutter Theater.  We had a small but enthusiastic group of writers gathered in the theater, and we wrote poems and shared our thoughts about poetry for two hours–it was a wonderful afternoon, and as I drove home, I felt grateful to live in a state with so many different landscapes and communities.

I’ve been up in Metaline Falls for several events over the years, and I’m always impressed with the community’s interest and engagement with the arts:  we’ve scripted Beowulf to Billy Collins (with music) performances; we’ve offered Russian Futurist Improv (with music and hurled marshmallows); Donivan Johnson and Tara Leininger are a force for the arts and humanities in that part of the state.  Right now, they’re trying to raise money to put a new cedar roof on the historic theater:  spread the word!  Maybe a benefactor will step forward. It’s a wonderful space and a historical treasure in that rugged and beautiful part of our state.

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