A Great Day in Olympia

National Poetry Month!  Here’s a sample day:  I began my day at 7 am by giving a keynote address at the Readers Are Leaders benefit breakfast.  This organization is comprised of a wonderful collection of people (teachers, police officers, mayors) from a variety of backgrounds who are all committed to one thing:  helping make sure that children get a chance to have reading (and all of its rewards) as part of their lives.  At 9:15, I went to Olympia High School and hung out with three classes (check out the red wheel barrow!) and then met with the good folks from Arts Wa to have lunch and chat about Polaureate stuff.  At 6:30, I got to hear the energetic and diversely talented open mic crew of The Olympia People’s Open Mic: poets shared raps, well-rehearsed and well-crafted slam pieces, Robert Service poems, and a crazy-good poem about fishing by Patrick Dixon.  I made new friends and realized that those new friends knew some of my old friends.  They Old Growth Poetry Collective (sponsor of the open mic) is having their grand slam soon, and from what I heard, that slam is not be missed!  And last of all:  gotta admit that this isn’t a bad part of the day:  no more miles to go before I sleep.

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