What the River Says

I just spent five days in Twisp, Winthrop, Okanogan, and Brewster.  Of course, while I was there, I had to take a minute to read William Stafford’s wonderful poem (behind the bookstore in Winthrop)–and think about helping and hurting.  Methow Arts sponsored my visit; they are a dynamic organization that offers a wide-range of public events in the area.  From international music to poetry workshops, their yearly schedule is impressive; however great it is, though, the public programming isn’t the most compelling work that they do.  I went to Okanogan and Brewster schools on Thursday and Friday of my visit, and I met with hundreds of students, and teachers at both schools praised Methow Arts for spreading resources into areas that have less funding for the arts and humanities.  They are a fine model for all of us to emulate–to borrow from Stafford, they are an organization that helps, that makes a difference.

Methow Arts is also launching this really great space in Twisp where the public can tour the workshops of practicing artists (printmakers and designers and many other mediums)–and, of course, buy great art.  Twisp Works is a literal campus of artistic bustle and good energy.  Check it out if you get to the region. I’m off to Royal City and West Seattle and Wallingford and Benton City and Tieton this week, and I’m glad that I’ll carry the good energy of the Methow River (and its people) with me.

2 thoughts on “What the River Says

  1. Jerome Fitzmaurice

    My wife & I were there 2 weeks ago & stayed at the Sun Mountain Inn. When we weren’t hiking, I was roaming the roads of Twisp & Winthrop, as well as some of the river byways like Poormans Rd. & Twisp River Rd. Was stilled by the – at times – overwhelming beauty of the Methow Valley. Wonderful place to get ‘lost’. As we headed up over #20, I was already planning a return. A silent pull, that I expect some of the locals I spoke too first felt when they decided to put down some stakes in this curious place.

    I had never read Stafford’s poem until this moment – after I had written the paragraph above.

    “What the river says, that’s what I say.”

    Thank ya for all the great work ya’ve been doing by spreading the Word across our Land.

    I saw ya at Hugo House awhile back when ya awhile back when ya launched ya year as our Laureate.

    Jerome Fitzmaurice

    1. todmarshall

      Jerome, Thank you for your kind words. Wonderful place. So many great Stafford poems–do you know “A Ritual to Read to Each Other?” Wonderful poem. Sun Mountain–great place. Hope that our paths cross again. Tod

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