An Art Festival, Nirvana Nostalgia, and the Pacific Ocean (as far as the eye can see)

I was honored to be part of the first Cathlamet Arts Festival; from Steampunk gizmos and pottery classes to compelling music and memorable poetry, the two-day gathering showcased how a small town with dedicated citizens can put together a memorable event:  memorable for the arts but also memorable because of how it brought people together in conversation.  Conversation.  That word is on my mind after listening to a compelling podcast where Krista Tippett and John O’Donohue talk about beauty and interiority, how in the best conversations we surprise ourselves.

(Thanks to Diana Zimmerman of The Wahkiakum County Eagle for the first photo).  The finale of the festival featured Bob Michael Pyle and Krist Novoselic and Ray Prestegard performing as Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole–

My last day in the SW corner of the state took me to the ocean.  I thought of Robert Frost’s “Once by the Pacific” when I stood near the edge of the continent and looked out at the vast stretch of grey; I thought of the rich history of our state when I walked around Oysterville–and was glad to read with Cate Gable and Bob Pyle in the beautiful Espy House (1871) for a wonderful group of poetry enthusiasts (during the Seahawks game, no less!).

And I thought of journeys:  my 45,000 miles driving around the state suddenly seemed cushy and lavish travel next to the imperative Thomas Jefferson gave Lewis and Clark as they embarked on their exploration:  “The object of your mission . . . the Pacific Ocean.”


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