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As I was reading through the 2400 or so submissions in order to choose the poems for the WA129 Anthology, I knew that I would be creating one version of the book; that is, I received so many fine poems from so many talented poets that I knew I’d be making decisions between many poems that I admired equally, and I’d have to leave out many works that were quite good–and so I decided to set aside another several dozen poems to share with readers via a digital format.

With little input from me (I provided them with the poems), Gonzaga professor Jeff Dodd and the talented students in his literary editing and design course produced four beautiful chapbooks that feature several dozen more wonderful poems by the poets of our state, including Carolyne Wright, David Fewster, Devin Devine, Don Foran, Dan Clark, Kurt Olson, Jennifer Cushcoff, Cynthia Manycolors, David Haldeman, Bob Toohey, Carver Bain, Lindsay Rutherford, Harvey Schwartz, Jess Gigot, Joseph Powell, Kate Peterson, Jayne Marek, and Terry Lawhead.

Feel free to share links to these works and/or to print out copies to distribute!  The books were designed by Iris Matulevich (#1), Isabella Manoguerra (#2), Alyssa Cink (#3), and David Landoni (#4).  I’ll be on the road in Kennewick, Dayton, Yakima, and a few others places in January, and I’ll print out several dozen copies to hand out at my last few events.  Thanks again to all of the poets who shared their works and to the talented students who worked so hard to make these delightful chapbooks.

WA129+1 Digital Chapbook

WA129+2 Digital Chapbook

WA129+3 Digital Chapbook

WA129+4 Digital Chapbook



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