I stop somewhere waiting for you.


For the last two years, I’ve traveled our state, and that journey brought me into contact and friendships with many generous and welcoming people:  teachers, librarians, arts organizers, book store owners, and, of course, poets.  I’m very grateful for that hospitality, and I’m very grateful for the service all of these people put toward the same cause I’ve pursued in this appointment. Truly, I’ve met so much hospitality in my journeys, and although I’m ready for a return to a quieter sort of schedule, I’ll miss my many new friends; all of them should know that I’m waiting for visits (on the east side of the Cascades) if you’d ever like to come have some coffee or tea or a walk by the river.

Humanities Washington and Arts WA are important organizations in our state.  I’ve appreciated their support for my outreach, and I’ve also continued to marvel at the many ways that they provide our state’s citizens with challenging programming to help all of us live inquisitive, thoughtful lives.  I owe both of them a big THANK YOU for their support.

I look forward to watching the work of Claudia Castro Luna; I’ve had the good fortune to spend some time with her–at readings and workshops–and I can say with confidence that she is going to bring enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and devotion to the position.  Her poems are graceful and memorable–read Killing Marías when you get a chance.  Our state is truly fortunate to have her as the fifth poet laureate.

As for me–I look forward to spending some time in the mountains, finding my way back to a writing desk, and, if I’m lucky, maybe catching a few fish.



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