River Dreaming




In many schools across the State children are gearing up this week to begin a new school year. I can imagine librarians closing down summer reading programs and setting up homework help centers, sprucing up teen reading corners, all to help ease children and youth into the 2019-2020 school year.

All summer long I have anticipated the first of September because it is this month when I launch my project, One River, Many Voices. I have been busy connecting with librarians, teachers, poets, community leaders in Kettle Falls, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, Brewster, the Tri-Cities, Mattawa, White Salmon and other places along the river where I will stop to share poetry and stories and practice community through the power of words.

Late August I had the opportunity to travel along the Columbia River Gorge to visit some of these locations in preparation for what it is to come. I look forward to sharing news of this months-long project.

For now sending my very best to our children, youth, their parents, teachers, librarians, all who support our young people across the state as they embark on a new learning adventure.

A quiet moment in Richland
From the Oregon side







The Big River viewed from the Maryhill Art Museum in  Goldendale












One thought on “River Dreaming

  1. I applaud this deep and important project along the Columbia. Have you tried collaborating with the Confluence Project? If you haven’t contacted them, please consider giving Colin Fogarty, executive director, a call. I am a HUGE fan of the Confluence Project that features five Maya Lin art installations all along the Columbia River. Each installation created in collaboration with the indigenous people who greeted Lewis and Clark. expedition. Each installation unique and inspiring.

    Ann Batchelor Hursey
    Poet, Arts educator, retired teacher

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