Invite to Your Community

The Poet Laureate serves to foster awareness, appreciation, and engagement with poetry throughout our state.  If you’d like me to provide or participate in a poetry or poetry-related event in your community, then please contact me via email:  poet (at) humanities (dot org) or

In March, I will start traveling the state as part of my project to help Washington writers of all skill levels create poems and to gather those poems as a celebration of the creativity in our state.  Please check the events page for details and please send me a note if you’d like me to visit your community.



8 thoughts on “Invite to Your Community

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    1. Elizabeth Austen

      Hi, Susan– well then, you’re in luck! I’m reading at the Bellingham Library as part of “Poetry Night” on April 21; 7:30p.

  2. jeanne cronce

    When will you be in Kitsap County? Iam just starting off writing and sure would love to sit or participate in one! Thanks

    1. Elizabeth Austen

      Hi, Jeanne – you just missed me at the Bremerton Library! I don’t have a workshop scheduled at the moment in Kitsap County, but you can always find my readings and workshops listed at I’m sure I’ll be back to Kitsap again soon.

  3. jeanne cronce

    Oh wow! iam sorry I missed you! But it must not of been the time for me. Anyway I will definitely keep aware of your coming back. I have five acres of gardens that I do and iam always “speaking ” poetry as I feel it and I need to start writing things down. I love it so much! Words are life or death and they bring such vision too. Thanks for responding! Jeanne cronce

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